Annuloplasty in Singapore

Annuloplasty Spine Procedure in Singapore

What is an annuloplasty procedure? Patients who have suffered from lumbar discogenic pain or pain caused by a low back disc tear and have had little to no success with other treatments may benefit from annuloplasty. The alternative would generally be major spine surgery. Annuloplasty, on the other hand, is a minimally invasive procedure that works well for selected patients.

Both annuloplasty and nucleoplasty procedures utilise specialised instruments, resulting in much smaller incisions, reducing disruption to the surrounding anatomy.

What Happens During an Annuloplasty Treatment?

Energy is applied via radiofrequency needles to the tears in the outer wall of the disc to numb the nerves and effectively reduce back pain. During an annuloplasty, an electrothermal needle or catheter is inserted into the spine’s damaged disc, from which radiofrequency energy and heat is applied. The disc’s wall fibers shrink and thicken to seal the tear. Nerve endings are then numbed to reduce pain signals.

Is an annuloplasty for me? It is a much less invasive procedure compared to major spine surgery. It often works well as an interim measure before patients consider open surgery. If you would like to consider this option, speak to our pain doctors in Singapore for an opinion.

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